About the Western Communications Report

The Western Communication report was created in 2019 to showcase the hard work and accomplishments of the public relations students at Mount Royal University. The WCR is an undergrad student-run web magazine produced by and for communications students at Mount Royal University.

Each year, a new group of students is responsible for organizing the production of the magazine. The top essay submissions are chosen from select courses in each cohort of second, third and fourth year of the public relations program. All students in the department have an opportunity to get involved with the magazine either by volunteering as editors or by submitting their paper for review.

Note: All opinions found within the publications arthose of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the organization or its editorial team. 


As proud public relations students, we aim to honour the hard work and accomplishments of our peers by promoting marketable skills that are gained through the esteemed public relations program at Mount Royal University. In this way, the magazine acts as a platform to celebrate student success.


To produce an annual online magazine that showcases the top three peer-reviewed essay submissions in select courses of the program; we do this to commemorate and demonstrate student achievements to future potential clients and employers, as well as to indicate to future students the high-level work they will achieve.


  • Create a dialogue with the wider community
  • Commemorate hard work and excellence
  • Collaboration to promote student success 
  • Strive for excellence and professionalism
  • Community leadership and involvement
  • Produce quality communications content
  • Respect the confidentiality of students while conducting the double-blind peer review
2023 Essay Winners