Sara Cohen

Sara Cohen (she/her) is a second-year student at Mount Royal University pursuing a major in public relations. In her first year, Sara qualified for membership in the Golden Key Honours Society and made the President’s Honour Roll.

Her internship at The Lady Alliance combines her passion for mental health and women’s empowerment to help ladies across North America find confidence through adventure. Sara has volunteered her communications skills at five different local organizations in the past year. She is always interested in new ways to help and become involved with her community. Outside of studying and volunteering, Sara enjoys travelling, hiking, thrifting, reading and doing yoga.

You can follow her on Twitter @SaraCohenPR.

Emily Conley

Emily is a third-year public relations student at Mount Royal University, with expertise in the research, energy and non-profit sectors.

Emily is known to be a go-getter in life, and keeps herself busy with a variety of content development projects to help achieve meaningful results. When she’s not at her computer, Emily enjoys camping, music festivals and kayaking – pre-COVID, of course!

You can follow her on Twitter @EmilyConleyPR

Caylee Davie

Caylee Davie is a first-year public relations student at Mount Royal University. Originally in a science program, Caylee transferred to public relations because she values personal and professional relationships and enjoys writing. Caylee looks forward to her future in public relations and is determined to spend time travelling and learning.

Hannah Elatty

Hannah is a first year public relations student starting her education right in the middle of the pandemic. Straight out of high school, Hannah applied for multiple programs but found PR to be the best fit. Since then, she has really enjoyed her classes and volunteer opportunities; it’s safe to say it’s a good fit. Hannah hopes to work in the sport and recreation sector of public relations upon graduation. When Hannah is not in school, she loves to do research on true crime. She also loves to paint and spend time with her friends.

Aerin Glenn

Aerin Glenn is a first-year public relations student at Mount Royal University. She is also the first-year representative on the MRU Public Relations Society. She is excited to be a volunteer editor for this year’s Western Communications Report, and looks forward to continuing to be apart of the team in different capacities in the next few years.

Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson is a second year public relations student. He’s interested in strategic communications for social media, as well as propaganda and epistemological crises. In the wake of 2020—the year of the infodemic—Steve has been closely following online disinformation.

Ciara MacDonald

Ciara MacDonald is a public relations student at Mount Royal University. She has been at Mount Royal University for two years, starting out in the university entrance option where she explored her possibilities and discovered the PR program. She works weekends as a host at a restaurant called State & Main, and has been working retail with various large clothing brands. She hopes to work as a publicist as she loves to be engaged with the public while representing a company.

In her free time, Ciara likes spending time with her friends, family, and dog. She loves animals, and is vegetarian. She has been a vegetarian for the past four years now, and hopes to maintain it for a lifetime. She likes to stay active by doing ballet and other rhythmic forms of exercise as she finds them calming and beneficial. She did ballet for 14 years and has been awarded ballet scholarships.

Ciara hopes her laid back personality and love for life create meaningful relationships with her colleagues, while taking her far in the public relations world.

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