Section Policies

Issue Backgrounders:

Research Papers:

Risk Communication Essays:

Feature Articles:

Peer Review Process:

  1. All submitted papers are blinded
  2. Each paper is vetted on the following guidelines:
    • Relevance of topic
    • Ability to communicate (grammar and CP Style feature APA academic application*)
  3. Three* submissions from each category are chosen through the above blind peer review process
  4. The top three* submissions are edited and fact-checked
  5. Edited papers are sent back to authors for final approval before publishing.

*Each year the editorial board has the choice to only publish the top submissions that the blind peer review recognizes as representing the best in each category; the editorial board can select to publish fewer than three top submissions for each category if too few submissions are received, or no clear work of merit for high-quality submissions is identified.

Fact-Checking Process

  1. Any controversial materials will be heavily vetted for accuracy 
  2. All direct quotes are word for word in accordance with APA style
  3. Paraphrasing must be in your own words, as per the definition of paraphrasing.
  4. Please review the Riddell Learning Centre’s APA citation guide, provided here
    • Be consistent with choosing either 6th or 7th edition.
  5. Apply reporter fact-checking responsibilities to the editorial board.

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