Victoria Carter

Victoria Carter is a third-year Public Relations student at Mount Royal University. Carter has experience in the communications field within a variety of industries including, but not limited to, automotive, finance, wellness, agency. Her extraverted personality has made her a natural networker and an excellent business developer. Carter has aspirations to attend law school at Oxford University and work in developing public policy. She is proud to have graduated high school at 16 and to maintain a 4.0 GPA through university, which qualified her for membership in the Golden Key Honours Society. Outside of work and school, Carter enjoys watching Formula 1, playing with Alfredo (her dog, not the sauce) and trying new things with her friends.

Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson is a first-year student Public Relations student. He developed an interest in Public Relations after seeing Adam Curtis’ documentary Century of the Self, and learning about the far-reaching effects of Freud and Bernays’ ideas on the 20th century. Steve is focused on political communications, and in particular their use in a post-truth period.

Abigail Tomney

Abigail is an assistant editor at the Western Communications Report studying in her second year at Mount Royal University. She previously studied Criminology at the University of Ottawa, but transferred to Public Relations at Mount Royal University to follow her passion for communications. After completing her degree, she hopes to move to the United Kingdom and pursue a career in media relations. Abigail hopes her future in public relations holds many opportunities to travel and explore the world. She is always looking for opportunities to meet new people and get lost in new cities. When she is not at school or serving part-time at Earls Kitchen + Bar, you can find Abigail binge-listening to podcasts or reading true crime novels. She also loves spending time with her family and going on adventures with her golden retriever, Rooney.

Eila De Almeida

Eila De Almeida is in her second year of the public relations program and has an interest in consulting, freelance writing and event management.

Kelvin Fagbenro

Amy Heise

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